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Don’t forget the basics

The threat of COVID-19 is spreading throughout Japan, taking the form of the Omicron variant again.
In such a case, it is important to remember the basics of COVID-19 countermeasures.
Yes, always wash your hands, gargle, and don’t forget to measure the temperature.
And avoid going out when you don’t need it.
At Edo Culture Center, we always remember to do the basics of COVID-19 measures, temperature measurement, ventilation, and disinfection of indoors and doorknobs.

Do you hate to do it anymore? I understand your feelings. But don’t say that because you can’t spread the COVID-19 anymore. The most important thing now is the mindset of each person.
Now, be careful not to be “Three Cs ” today and wear a mask! After going out, wash your hands
and gargle! is.

* If you have a fever or a cough that doesn’t stop, be sure to take a break from school
 and go to the hospital.