School History

  • 1984

    Edo Cultural Center Japanese Language School was founded.

  • 1986

    Academic course was established by joining hands with the California State University.

    Formed an academic partnership with the California State University’s San Diego Graduate School’s International Relations and Pacific Studies.

    Edo Cultural Center’s original textbooks and teaching materials were published.

  • 1992

    The Translation an Interpretation Department of the Netherlands National University accepted credits given by Edo Cultural Center.

  • 1995

    Japanese language training course for the executive staff of the Korean National Housing Corporation by joining hands with the Foreign Language Institute at Korean Foreign Language University was established.

  • 1997

    Formed an academic partnership with the Foundation of International Manpower Development of Medium and Small Enterprises.

    The Indonesian Labour Authority is designated the center as its official Japanese language school.

    18,000 Japanese language trainees were graduated from our school.

  • 2001

    Lecture about Japanese language education for Standards for Foreign Language Learning (SFLL) in America was established.

  • 2002

    Skill-up course for AATJ’s (Alliance of Association of Teachers of Japanese) current Japanese teachers was established.

  • 2003

    Japanese teacher training course started.

  • 2004

    Consigned by the ILO Association of Japan, Inc, Edo Cultural center conducts Japanese language training course for foreign trainees coming from developing countries for international technical cooperation programs.

    Support center of the Non-profit Organization was established.

  • 2007

    Japanese IT business training course for Busan University of Foreign Studies.

  • 2008

    Korean learning course based on the curriculum by Korean University.

  • 2009

    Japanese and Japan lifestyle course for foreigners established at the request of the Culture Agency.

  • 2010

    A speech for the 35th anniversary of the Department of Japanese Language and Literature of Cairo University by board chairman Nakazawa.

  • 2011

    Being a group member of “ICHISHIN Holdings Co.Ltd. , to take action in providing cramming school and preparation school.