Private Lesson

Comprehensive courses

Strategy course for BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test

This course offers the countermeasures of the BJT Business Japanese Proficiency Test which many companies are using it to estimate employment and preferment

Strategy course for Japanese Language Proficiency Test

This course received the most numerous of applicants. Students will be taught by how to improve their Japanese language proficiency.

Japanese language learning course for different fields

This is a course for those who want to learn Japanese language in a specific field intensively. (For example, economic and financial, honorific language, etc)

Survival Japanese language course

This is a course for those who came to Japan soon afterward. Daily life Japanese will be taught in order to help you in doing shopping or using public transportation by yourself.

Daily conversation course for different levels

This is a course for those who want to communicate with Japanese native speaker smoothly.

Learning in a effective way

Besides the above courses, Edo Cultural Center also prepares private lesson in order to fit learners’ different aims and needs.


We always recommend the most suitable textbooks to our students. Beside use of textbooks, materials of our daily life will also be used during the lesson. Newspapers or documents which reference to work will also be prepared as per request.

Whenever System

Time, day of the week, how many times will the lesson be taken are all depends on learners. Also, an alteration of lecturer is possible.

Wherever System

Edo Cultural Center located in Akasaka where it has excellent transport facilities. Besides, we won’t bother of those who are busy and unavailable to come by our school. Lecturers are able to visit the office or in their own house as per request of learners.

Free Trial and Counseling

According to the wish of learners, simple level check test and counseling will occur before the actual lessons. A one-time trial lesson is free ( Duration period 60 minutes ).

Fees(Duration period 60 minutes)

First time registration fee 11,000 JPY

per one lesson 10 periods of lesson 20 periods of lesson (with 5% off discount) 50 periods of lesson (with 10% off discount)
one person 4,500 JPY 45,000 JPY 85,500 JPY 202,500 JPY
two name 6,500 JPY 65,000 JPY 123,500 JPY 292,500 JPY
three name 8,000 JPY 80,000 JPY 152,000 JPY 360,000 JPY

the above price includes10% tax

lessons can be apply in minimum ten periods. Applying over 20 periods of lesson will be offered a 5% off discount, while 10% off discount will be offered for those who applying over 50 periods of lesson.

prices on above were not included teaching materials fee and transportation expenses for the lecturer.
( Lessons took place at school are not require transportation expenses for the lecturer)

lesson starts before 9am or after 8pm, an additional charge of 550JPY (tax included) will be required.

for group lesson more than 4 people, estimation is needed.