General course

General course

This is a course for those who want to learn Japanese with the aim of finding a job in Japan.
We also provide guidance on specific proficiency tests.

This course is for those who are not willing to enter a higher education level but need to master Japanese language in following purposes.

1.Learning Japanese in order to find a job position in their home country.
2.Aim to hunting a job in Japan after graduation.
3.Purely just interesting in Japanese language and culture.

Admissions will be accepted on January, April, July and October quarterly. In order to help students passing the “Japanese Language Proficiency Test(JLPT)”, classes will be held similar with the Japanese Course for Academic Advancement.

Tuition and Fees

First year

Application fee 30,000 JPY
Admission fee 50,000 JPY
Tuition fee (for one year) 708,000 JPY
Total (for one year) 788,000 JPY

the above price includes10% tax

Second year

Tuition fee (for one year) 708,000 JPY
Total (for one year) 708,000 JPY