School and Career Guidance

Edo Cultural Center assists students who wish to study in graduate schools, universities and vocational schools in Japan. Our experienced teaching staff can provide the following support.

1.Personal Interviews

A personal interview is available as required. The staff at Edo Cultural Center always considers the students’ wishes as our first priority. Our staff are trained to take the students’ perspective in considering and providing accurate and specialized advice.

2.School Searches

We provide up-to-date and detailed information to students who are planning to study in colleges in Japan. School information are tailored and packaged according to diversified needs.

3.Mock Interviews

Interview test is a very important part of entrance examination in Japan. To ensure our students will reach a level of proficient for success, interview skills such as response techniques and mannerisms will be taught and trained.

4.Assistance with Composition Writing and Papers

The school teaching staff will guide and assist students in writing application letters to school professors, short essays, research plans and formal application statements.

5.Open Examinations Preparation and Strategy Course

In order to help students to pass the “Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students”, besides Japanese language, students may elect to prepare and improve on subjects such as [Mathematics (Arts and Sciences), Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Social Studies] via online lessons. The school teaching staff will provide aid to students for specific subjects and problems.

6.Advanced Preparation

Edo Cultural Center staff will provide in-depth assistance to students by providing college specific information and preparation materials, and in submitting necessary documents.