• Q1

    Does the school provide support with visa applications?


    Edo Cultural Center is approved by the Ministry of Justice’s Immigration Bureau as an application agent. We are glad to assist students in visa applications, visa renewals and update which required complex and consuming procedures.

  • Q2

    Does the school have airport pickup service?


    Our school provides an airport pickup service.
    From Nanita Airport Arrival: 10,000 JPY
    From Haneda Airport Arrival: 5,000 JPY

  • Q3

    Does the school have student dormitories?


    We have several types of student housing. For students who want to rent a normal apartment in Japan, we can provide introduction to cooperating real estate agents to assist you.

  • Q4

    Are part-time jobs allowed in Japan?


    According to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau, pre-college students are allowed to work in part-time job for a set period of time. The school is located at the center of Tokyo, part-time jobs are readily available.

  • Q5

    What should I do if I get sick?


    The school staff can accompany students to the hospital should the need arises. We also give advice on registering for National Health Insurance and other health insurance programs.

  • Q6

    Does the school offer any exam preparation courses?


    We establish supplementary classes to help students to learn and understand the tendency of “Japanese Language Proficiency Test” and “Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students”. Mock examinations will be taken several times before actual examinations.

  • Q7

    Is there someone I can consult with about during the course of study?


    Our experienced counselors can give instruction and advice towards students’ concerns and problems during in their studies through one on one counseling.

  • Q8

    Is university or vocational school application and entrance support provided?


    More than 90% of our students go on to university or vocational school. Our experienced staff work with students to help them select the best schools according to their achievements and goals. Students are able to receive advice and prepare for entrance to specific universities by taking past entrance tests, and learning how to write short essays. Additionally, we help students perfect their skills for entrance interviews by providing them with handouts detailing interview procedures and mock interview sessions ( at least three times a year ).

    [The main institutions our students go to after graduation]
    Vocational schools: Nippon Electronics College, Tokyo Foreign Language College, Nihon Kogakuin College, Cooking College Musashino, ECT.
    Students can receive special recommendations from the school in applying to specific colleges.

  • Q9

    Does the school provide support for job searches?


    Edo Cultural Center supports students for school and also job placements.